The tax to pay for the crisis. What should each of us do

The tax to pay for the crisis. What should each of us do Everyone, even the most well-to-do citizens, have to answer for the outbreak of a pandemic, the prolonged quarantine and the crisis in the economy caused by the coronavirus.Situations that have become more than ever before "now" extremely difficult to escape.And the "habit" of most of us will last only as long as the acute phase of the crisis lasts (until the fall). The crisis "killed" many of us in a short time. But not everyone "knew" how to cope with the crisis and the crisis of its consequences. The crisis has come to us "all together", weighing heavily on each of us:Everyone "knows" that if you quickly flee the clutches of an impending attack of coronavirus and a troubling collapse the country, then you should not wait for a full economic recovery. You should take action right now: 1) the Cost of the quarantine and the crisis of losing your job/income will "eat up" all your savings. 2) a Falling stock market is already the best time to buy shares.In the longer run, it is better to buy shares than to hold them in circulation.3) You will need a substantial "financial cushion" in the form of cash, bonds, and "junk".This is very important — so that in the event of an emergency you can always rely on your regular investments.In the current situation, a sudden collapse in the markets (which will make any investments even more valuable) is a good time to buy sharply cheaper shares of good shares.4) Don't hold your money "for a long time."No one can predict what the markets will do in the coming days or weeks.But you should not hold your money "for a long time".This is extremely dangerous! 5) In order not to be in a panic, do not "move" your money to invest.Your savings should "work" for you right now: 1) Keep your money on Deposit in a Bank account. In this case, the demand for Bank loans will grow over the coming weeks. 2) Set up a monthly averaging strategy (by regularly buying currency, stocks, and other financial instruments).This will allow you to gradually create an impressive capital, the income from which will fully provide you and your entire family. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".